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Welcome to our Volunteers Page!

Just Muslim thrives on the dedication and passion of our volunteers. Together, we share the beautiful message of Islam, foster understanding, and build bridges within our communities. By engaging in meaningful conversations, distributing literature, and offering support, our volunteers play a vital role in spreading compassion, knowledge, and unity. Join us in making a positive impact and become a part of our mission to enlighten hearts and minds.

Code of Conduct for Dawah Volunteers


We appreciate your willingness to volunteer and support our mission to spread peace. By signing up as a volunteer, you agree to adhere to the following detailed terms and conditions, which ensure a safe, respectful, and effective environment for everyone involved. The term ‘Dawah’ refers to the the Arabic word meaning to call to Islam.

General Conduct

We operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to behaviour and you will be reported to the appropriate authorities and persecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Professionalism: Volunteers must always be professional in communication, remain calm, friendly, and polite. This includes smiling and maintaining amicable relationships, even during disagreements.
  • Respect: Volunteers must respect all team members and those they interact with, avoiding belittling, degrading, insulting, or physically assaulting anyone. Do not react to Islamophobia with anger.
  • Communication: Volunteers should communicate effectively, not interrupt conversations unless invited, and avoid crowding during discussions. A maximum of two people should speak to one person at a time. No Dawah should take place to anyone under the age of 18.
  • Behaviour: Volunteers must not argue, use foul language, or engage in any form of violence. Ensure all conversations are relevant and not about controversial topics or politics. Do not force Quran translations or leaflets upon someone unless they show interest.


Video and Photography

  • Authorizations: The only one to authorize pictures or videos for social media purposes is the Head Facilitator of the Table also known as the ‘Ameer’.
  • Safeguarding Lead: Acts as the charity’s Safeguarding Lead unless delegated to another person.


The Head Facilitator (Ameer)

  • Event Management: Responsible for running Dawah tables or events, approving volunteers, and supporting them.
  • Reporting: Must report any complaints, feedback, or concerns to the Organisation Head and Trustees.
  • Safeguarding Duties: Follow procedures to protect children and vulnerable adults, maintain an anti-bullying environment, and report any allegations against volunteers.



  • Support: Assist in Dawah activities directly or indirectly.
  • New Volunteers: You must be assigned to a senior member of the volunteers for your first 8 sessions. For this period you must listen and learn the ethos of the Dawah.
  • Listening and Forwarding: Must listen to instructions from the Organisation Head and Head Facilitator, and forward any complaints or queries.
  • Adherence: Follow all justmuslim.org policies and UK laws. Do not distribute unauthorized materials or promote anything against UK Law.



  • Protection: Volunteers must protect children and vulnerable adults from harm and report any safeguarding concerns to the Safeguarding Officer. No children under the age of 18 should not be give any material or Dawah or revert to Islam at the table.
  • Background Checks: Ensure all necessary background checks are provided.
  • Handling Information: Handle phone or contact details professionally and securely in line with data protection legislation.


Safeguarding Officer

  • Duties: Protect young people or vulnerable adults from abuse, prevent harm by spotting imminent danger, and report incidents.
  • Promotion and Management: Promote safeguarding to all volunteers, manage allegations against volunteers, and maintain an anti-bullying and whistleblowing culture.


Young Volunteers

  • Age Restriction: Volunteers are expected to be over 18 unless agreed by a parent or guardian and only where the young person wishes to volunteer without force or coercion.
  • Respect and Care: Young volunteers are not expected to fulfil any responsibilities or duties and must be cared for sufficiently, including food, drink, travel, cold, warmth, etc.


Counter Extremism

  • Challenge Extremism: Volunteers must challenge any extremist views, protect others from radicalization, and ensure safety without endorsing or promoting terrorism in any form.
  • Reporting: Report any extremism or terrorism offenses to UK law enforcement authorities and raise concerns with the Head Facilitator, Organisation Head, or Trustees.


Reporting and Whistleblowing

  • Issues and Complaints: Forward any ideas, improvements, concerns, or complaints to the Trustees, Organisation Head, or Head Facilitator.
  • Incident Reporting: Report any incidents, allegations, or concerns related to safeguarding, extremism, or general conduct promptly.


Donations and Fund-raising

  • Encouragement: Encourage donations for Quran translations, leaflets, and other charity aims where possible.
  • Handling Funds: Ensure donations are handled securely, especially regarding card machines and donations left unattended.



Anyone who does not follow the table rules and justmuslim.org volunteer policies will have the volunteer membership terminate effective immediately.

  • Setup: Ensure the Dawah table is not in restricted council locations and the area is clean and tidy.
  • Management: Limit the number of volunteers behind the table, do not block signs, and ensure belongings are not left unattended.
  • Conversations: Talking to the members of the public should not restrict the front of the table. The conversation should be taken to the side and not restrict and access to facilities.
  • Donation Handling: Encourage donations and handle them securely, especially regarding card machines and donations left unattended.